evelyn (itsinmyshoe) wrote,

so i'm sitting on my couch looking around my apartment thinking "guh, i need to clean this filth-hole before going away for the weekend. wtf, future? why don't i have a robot that cleans yet?" and then i remembered: oh yeah, i do.

damn you, future, for being repeatedly disappointing. my cleaning robot is mesmerizing to watch, and a trusty floor-sweeping mechanism, but what are you going to do about the fact that I AM LAZY? HUH? what are you going to do about the fact that i am too lazy to pick the shit up off the floor and then my roomba runs into it and tries to eat it and then has to stop, because he is a robot and does not know he cannot eat the shirt i wore last thursday. he does not know that if he tries to eat the shirt i wore last thursday that he will not be able to perform is robot duties. so, future, when are you going to get me a robot that will help my other robot be able to do his job? the shirt-picking-up robot? and how about the dish-washing robot? i guess that one does already exist, but LANDLORD, when will you catch up with the future and give me my dishwasher?

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